Actual time to transfer business account

Has anyone opened a business account by transfer from another business account ? I would like to do this but my enquiry about timescales met with a “cannot give you a timescale “ response. I asked for the matter to be escalated but never got a reply. As an investor as well as a keen Monzo promoter I do want to be supportive but would anyone move their business account without any idea of how long the account would be “inactive “ in between times …… any prior experience appreciated Thanks :pray:

What are you moving?

If you CASS, don’t you pick the date? It’s never “inactive” because the money will still get to you.

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We have multiple payments in and out every weekday. I just want to ensure that we don’t have a hiatus where we cannot pay our or receive monies in ? Perhaps a naive question as I have not moved a business account before. I became concerned when Monzo support said they couldn’t give me any timescale for things to be up and working ?

During the CASS payments in & out should still occur on your old account, after CASS has completed it will happen on your new account. There won’t be a break as such it will just happen.

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