Active search on account for £0.00 not recognised

I’ve received an active search this morning from Peleton claiming to be a restaurant in NYC for £0.00. I know is it for £0 but it is an unrecognised transaction and I can’t report. Has anyone had that and what do they do. If a normal transaction comea through then Am I covered? Card has frozen itself but not scared to unfreeze…

Freeze your card and contact support. My guess is that they will order you a replacement :slight_smile:

Did you expect one from Peloton? Could it be that it’s just incorrect merchant info?

No did not expect it

I received the same alert today from Peloton on my Monzo account in the middle of the night here in the UK
I have frozen my card and asking Monzo to investigate it. Seems very odd.

I’m guessing your not fitness oriented as Peloton is one of those fitness bikes with internet connections for online classes.

The OP said peleton and that they are a restaurant in New York.

And I believe that to be a typo if you google it (might be wrong) but peloton does come up.

Because most people are searching for the bike not the restaurant.

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If you search Peleton it says ‘did you mean peloton’. This is because they’re a global company and have far more customers and people searching for them.

If you search for ‘peleton restaurant new york’ you will see that it is a thing.

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“peleton restaurant new york” - used to live 3 blocks east of that place. Happy days!

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