" Active Card Check " Most Likely Fraudulent

everyone elses was declined because they had already terminated it, or because their bank noticed the pattern and terminated it for them, or the validation check triggered a fraud block on your account

i guess you got unlucky :frowning:

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Weird, Carlo hasn’t been back to tell you all it’s not Lyca :face_with_peeking_eye:


I mean he had a point, it’s just so unlikely when you look at the odds now

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Just had a declined transaction come through on my old card from a Jewellery store in the USA

Well someone’s trying to look like Buddy

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Same, “Jewelry Unlimited”, and previously one from “Brain Anew”.

Former Lyca customer (didn’t even get to activate the Esim because I signed up a day before they got hacked then couldn’t get into the account page to switch to a physical sim).