Activate new card in Cuba

HI…i will be in cuba and mexico for long holiday…can i activate my new card in cuba???..if i have my new card sent to my uk address so i can have sent to me in cuba will my old card still be active until 4th April or do i have to activate my new card as soon as i receive it…will my new card still work fine in cuba …i had no problems using my old card in cuba and mexico…thanks

your prepaid card will continue working up until 4th April or until you activate your new CA card whichever is the earliest , once your CA card is activated all your info and balance from your prepaid will be transferred across to your CA app and the prepaid will stop working - you can chose when you activate your CA card - as far as Im aware you can activate your new card from anywhere in the world

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If you’re having a really long holiday, I believe COps can arrange for your new card to be delivered abroad.


I’m not sure if this is applicable for upgrades, but I remember seeing an option to deliver to another address, which can be outside the UK.

CUBA!!! - AFAIK the Internet is barely even a thing there… certainly not in the way the civilised world is used to.

I would imagine you running into a lot of issues using or relying on the Monzo App to work in the usual manner.

Mexico shouldn’t be too much of an issue but I would definitely recommend a quick Googling of “Internet in Cuba” before you hit any issues

Hello @jazzcar

We can send cards internationally, we just need to ensure you are in one place for a period of time to receive it as they can take some time to arrive by airmail :airplane:

If you are unable to activate a new card between now and April 4th your prepaid card will continue to work until this date.

You can order the card today and activate it when you are able to do so, there’s no rush. (I have a spare sitting in my room :speak_no_evil:)

You are probably correct, but there is some WiFi available.

Lol… a bench, the perfect place to activate a bank card!!

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What could possibly go wrong? :crossed_fingers:

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