Accounts Page No Data

(Thom) #1

This error appears when there’s no data connection and I attempt to access the accounts page. Should this be the case? It removes the ability to see account number and sort code when offline.

iOS: 11.4
IPhone 7

(Simon B) #2

Hey Thom, that doesn’t look right!

Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and see if that sorts it?

(Andy) #3

Same issue here when you enable airplane mode on iOS 12

(Tony) #4

I’m on iPhone SE, iOS 11.4

If I enable Airplane mode (as per @glasgow) I get the same issue, although I get the red page for a couple of seconds, then I briefly see the account page (<1 second) and then it shows the red page again. It loops through this forever.

(Thom) #5

No bueno😫 same error. If you tap it does loop though as stated above. Takes a second before the error kicks back in.

(Danny) #6

Me too

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(Hugh Wells) #7

Thanks! :see_no_evil: I’ll get this ticketed…

(Daz Fisher) #8


(Hugh Wells) #9

This has a ticket (PROD-3487) and a fix should be coming soon! :raised_hands: