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(Anusha Adige) #1


I tried to open an account and my wait list doesn’t seem to move, my partner signed up from my referral however my waitlist doesn’t seem to progress.

I tried uninstalling option aswell. I am looking for some assistance


The queue can be a bit buggy sometimes :bug:

Let me see what I can do :eyes:

(Anusha Adige) #3

Thanks for the quick response Beth… your help is highly appreciate…


You should be good to go :tada:

(Anusha Adige) #5

Hey Beth that’s a great news. Nice way to start my birthday and a great gift to start my day🙂

(Only available in amateur ) #6

Happy Birthday :gift: :birthday:

(Kieran McHugh) #7

Happy birthday Anusha, hope you like your new account!

(Matt) #8

Happy birthday, don’t forget to send cake!


Happy birthday! :cake::tada::confetti_ball:


Happy Birthday

(Anusha Adige) #11