Account sign up stuck on check your email

I tried to signip to Monzo for the prepaid travel card. I downloaded the app and confirmed my acc via the email link. When i launch the monzo app and select the aleeady have an account option i get taken to a page that says check your email. Not sure how to login with the app or request a card? Any help is appreciated. O got here by clicking on the activate acc link in my email link rarher than through logging through the app.

Have you reached the top of the queue?

Monzo uses ‘magic’ email links to sign in, you’ll need to request one of these links or check your mailboxes to find the one sent to you - tap on the magic link and it should launch Monzo and complete the sign-in process :rocket:

bit confused as to what stage of the sign up process you are at, but to go through the sign up procedure as best as I can remember it :slight_smile: (perhaps this can be confirmed by a Monzo employee @Naji )

  1. sign up to the app which then loads onto your phone and shows your place in the Queue.
  2. you can “bump” yourself up the Queue by getting friends to also sign up using your link or a “Golden Ticket”
  3. when you reach the top of the queue the Monzo app will ask you to top up £100 with your legacy bank debit card to receive your Monzo card + a few other questions - Address, D.O.B. ??? etc
  4. Top up your account in the app with your debit card and your card will be dispatched to your address - usually within a couple of days- if it takes longer than 4 or 5 days email or DM Monzo on twitter
  5. When you have your physical Monzo card you enter the card details in the app having pressed “I have my card” - or something like that ? :slight_smile: , enter the 9 figure number bottom left of card - which then gets allocated to your Monzo physical card and your £100 top up
  6. Monzo App will now show you have a balance of £100
  • good to go and spend your money

Thanks for the replies. The problem i had is that i could not finish the sign up process. The magic link email was in my junk folder. Once i located the email and followed the process i was presented with a screen that shows 29000 people in front of me. Not sure how long it will take to get to me, eseicially if others can jump the queue by making referrals. Anyway thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated.


You can skip the queue with this golden ticket :sunglasses:

Welcome to the Monzo family!

Hi Mikee,

thanks for the link but i have signed up now using a link from Ian, and card is on its way. thanks again.