Account showing less than it should

Hi all,
I have an old individual account that does nothing but receive my child benefit.
There are no scheduled payments on it and I don’t use it at all.
It’s effectively an empty account.
£140 had come in from child benefit and I am trying to transfer it to my joint account but it will only allow me to move £92.???

When I click in to the account it shows me I will have £89 left over… Why is this when there is nothing due to leave the account?


Regardless of what is due to leave the account, you can still take it all out.

Were you overdrawn?

No never overdrawn
How do I take it all out then

If you download a statement, you can go back through your transactions and it will show a running balance. This should throw some light on the issue.

Or contact Monzo in app.

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Managed to move it all across but still nothing in statements. Account hasn’t been used for months other than receipt of that child benefit.
I’ll keep an eye on it.
Thanks all

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