Account Reset

As Monzo keeps growing and adding new features, I’ve noticed my account getting messy. There are random recurring payments, old direct debits still showing up, and categories all over the place. It feels like I’m just tacking on new things whenever they come up.

I’m thinking it would be helpful to have an option to reset my account, essentially starting fresh. This would mean old direct debits are removed until they’re needed again, and categories are hidden until I set them up for something new or they’re automatically assigned, along with any other features that can be customised. Thoughts?


Just cancel old direct debits if they’re old? They only show because you or the merchant hasn’t cancelled them.

Categories just delete them if you created them, and then make new ones if/when you need them.

Unmark recurring payments if you no longer have a subscription.

Take less than 5 minutes.

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In the top 3 @N26throwaway


We need a top 10 leaderboard now :eyes:

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. It’s a shame to see a community tainted by inner cliques. This kind of exclusivity drives people away from forums and, when even ‘investors’ start following suit, it really makes you question whether the company is worth engaging with at all.


You’ve been here nearly 5 years.

No exclusivity, you’ve posted a suggestion and people have replied about it and you’ve had a hissy fit because people didn’t praise the idea.

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And? I’m expected to entertain remarks about ‘top 3’ or ‘top 10’? Is this supposed to be a hall of fame for bad ideas? Because it certainly doesn’t come across as a top 10 list of top-notch solutions.

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It’s @revels own personal hall of fame for what he thinks are bad ideas, yes. Don’t take it to heart. There’s about 41000 ideas in his top 3 worst ideas at this point.


You should own it. It was definitely a really bad idea.

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I’d definitely like something like this for pots. I’ve got millions of archived pots and adding them to trends to get my true history breaks it. It would be nice to merge old pots into one to reduce the work trends needs to do :neutral_face:

I hate having all those archived pots. There must be some sort of regulatory reason (dunno :person_shrugging: ) they can’t be deleted. I prefer to recycle them rather than create new ones.

And you can’t even unarchive some of the Savings Pots. Messy, messy, messy.

There always need to be a trace where money went, that’s the regulatory obligation.

If you remove the pot the history would disappear and probably cause more issues than it’s worth.