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Hi, just want to know if my account is still available. I didn’t send money to the card for a long time. Do you think the card is OK? Thanks

Hi @Barb1014. Have you tried logging into the app? If you can log in and see your account information then your account should still be active and your card should still work.

If you mean Monzo account yes I login and see how much money I have.

Your card should still work provided it hasn’t expired :+1:

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Super, so if I waiting for money from another account, how long will it take for them to be on my card?

It depends on the account you are sending from. If you are sending from a UK based account part of the Faster Payment Scheme then funds can show immediately but can take slightly longer. Normally when you make the payment your other bank should tell you how long it should take.

It’s pockit account I’m not happy with them.

Ah they got caught up in all the Wirecard issues. As long as they’re up and running again


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