Account frozen with no notice

I went to create a savings pot today but the app said I wasn’t able to right now. I asked help about this and they told me my account is currently frozen. I asked when this will be resolved and they told me there isn’t a timeframe right now and to wait for the specialist team to be in contact.

This wouldn’t be too much of a problem as I don’t use my Monzo account for most everyday payments & bills, but I do have investments and a Flex payment coming up soon. I asked what would happen with this and they said the same thing, the specialist team will be in contact (no word of when). I attempted to top up my account with a transfer from a different bank but this was declined.

How long do they normally make people wait before giving them access to their account again?

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Nobody knows how long it will take.

It’s all personal, could be within 24hrs, could be a week, could be a month, could be indefinitely.


If the money is available in your account for flex I believe it should still take, but as to the how long to resolve, nobody knows.

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