Accidentally started sign up without using referral, email now unusable

So a friend of mine sent me a referral link awhile back and I’ve finally got round to giving it a go.

I downloaded the app but got a bit too excited and started signing up, I did the first few steps including submitting my email and then remembered I had the referral to use!

Problem being now that my email seems to be locked off from use because an account has already been started. Is it possible to get this deleted so I can start over or will I need to use a different email?

Send an email to as we’re mostly users like yourself (or as you soon will be!) and we don’t have access to your soon to be new account. :grinning:

Edit: They might be a bit busy though as the crowd funding round started at 10:00 :clock10: this morning !


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve dropped them an email. Out of interest when does the crowdfunding end? I wouldn’t mind putting some money in myself.

You’re a bit late I’m afraid. The funding is only open to accounts that were open and active before the announcement.

6 days - but they’re going quick (only £20m available)

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Oh yes, forgot about that @hdwrng

Crowdfunding ends when £20 million invested or 11th December (althought could let it overfund). At rate going will be finished in a few hours. Also have to have been a customer before they announced the investing round. P.S was 4 days before I got my help qn answered all due to the crowd funding. Is usually only a few hours.