Access email doest arrive since 10 a clock in the morning

Hi guys,
Hope u all can help me here cuz I can’t get access to my application since this morning,and I desperately need my account for payments…

So what actually happened is ,
I installed the monzo app to my new phone
And trying to log in as normal ( I am using monzo since day one ,never had this issue).
And typing my
Email but they don’t send me to my email absolutely nothing like a confirmation email.
I write down. To help/monzo, but unfortunately they didn’t give me normal answer and they didn’t really help me .

Thanks a lot if anyone can help me down
Cuz I am stuck and need my account


Hi Viktor & welcome :wave:

Can you access your account by using a browser on a computer (on which you can also access your email) and go to & click/tap on ‘Continue to login’?

Thanks for your answer.
I actually don’t have access to computer.

And the problem is I desperately need my

OK, try the same using the browser on your phone - in the browser, go to and tap on ‘Continue to login’

Check your spam/junk folder - mine usually end up in there.

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I did already — doest work.
I don’t know what’s the problem

Call number on the back of your card?

I did check the spam box too…

Are you using a VPN while trying to access the Monzo app?

No I don’t David.
I am using everything as normal is…

What email service do you use (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, btinternet, etc.)?

I can provide my email also if u want in DM

No need - the problem to solve is why the magic link email is not arriving in your inbox.

  • How long have you had your Monzo account?
  • Was your Monzo account active/open at 10am today?
  • Are you receiving emails from other senders in your Gmail account?
  • Is it a personal Gmail or a GSuite account?

Trying to figure out where the email blockage is…

I got my account since

My email is GSuite yes .

Can you contact your GSuite administrator?

There may be a rule/filter in place that you are unaware of which is stopping the receipt of the Monzo-generated ‘magic link’ email.

Alternatively, contact Monzo ( to request a change of email against your Monzo account - changing from the current GSuite email account to a different, personally controlled email account.

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For reference, the email address used to send the email to the email address used for your Monzo account is;

Where ‘xxxyyyzzz111’ is a random string of characters.

So please check with your admin if the ‘’ domain is blocked/filtered/etc.


What is written above it word-for-word what I was just about to write :point_up:

Those are your two options. Bare in mind Monzo use a couple domains for email:

So whitelist them both :slight_smile:


Dammit, you type too quick @davidwalton :laughing:

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But what comes out of the other end is anyone’s guess :wink: