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(Tristan Thomas) #1

Share your ideas to help make Monzo the world’s best bank, and give us your feedback on current features.

(Lizzie foyle ) #3

I’d really like it if we could customise our month dates. So that spending could be tracked more pay day to pay day, so like the 24th-24th rather then just the generic months.


Is there a possibility that your full card details can be shown on your app?

Useful if your booking stuff online.

Also will there be a function that you can automatically add the card to Apple Pay /android pay with a tap of the button without having to take a photo/type the card details manually?

(Ashraf Mahmood) #5

Show the current card balance in converted currency of which country the user is in. E.g - my balance is in gbp, however I am in UAE atm. So it could show the mastercard converted rate next to gbp.


I’d like this, and also the option to run weekly targets instead of just monthly

(Nic Homan) #7

Hi There is a great opportunity to enhance good will amongst your account holders when signing the energy offering. At the moment the market is deliberately complicated to understand. It is almost impossible to comprehend which offer is the cheapest as the prices. Different figures for Cost per day and cost per kWh make it hard to work out unless one has written a spreadsheet to do the hard work. So work it out for your customers so they can see who is offering the best deal. Also, be transparent about the commission you earn on ALL the options. Your competitors have done themselves a disfavour by only showing the deals they earn commission on. You can’t trust the information because it is distorted by their greed. Transparency will gain trust and reputation.

(Yunus Malik) #8

Can we have some sort of passcode to get into the monzo app? Most/All banking apps have this and it adds an extra layer of security.

If someone gets a hold of your phone it’s pretty easy for them to transfer money to someone else. Just tap on the app and send money to a contact. The passcode could prevent this.


I sent a payment to a Monzo contact yesterday and was asked for my pin.

(Rob) #10

Savings accounts or interest in the pots

(Marco Diciolla) #11

I would love to see the possibility to share pots with other Monzo account holders. Say that you create a pot “Dog Expenses” and you and your partner share it. Now you can both put money monthly, use this money to actually buy and pay for dog vet visit, toys, food, etc. It would be pretty amazing. I can see the same happening for bills and other sharable expenses.

Do you think we could have something like this in the near future?
Thank you a lot guys!


Something like may only be possible with a joint account. Otherwise, there is no clear way of telling which person’s account the money is in. Nice idea though.

(Refoel Dresner) #14

Can monzo make an option to log a payment as a loan so that it doesn’t add it to your monthly spending and also maybe add an option to automatically request the money back after a predetermined amount of time?

(Elektra) #15


I agree with BailieBop about weekly budgets.

I joined the community because I wanted to ask if we can have clear weekly and monthly budget information displayed? What I love about the APP is i can always see how much I’ve spent on a given day and just would like to be able to have that view for the week and month as well.

Lizzie Foyle’s, above, idea of being able to access information on dates rather than set calendar periods would be AWESOME. So you could ask - what did i spend between 1st June and 11th June and get an answer.

I’ve no idea how difficult this is technically but I hoped that, as you have all the data, it would be just about finding a new way to search and present this information. I find the current method - via the graph at the top of the App - a bit unhelpful.

Just an idea.

Love the App either way.