About credit rating

I am imagining a world in the future when monzo is integrated with my credit card, utility, nutmeg, feeetrade, Wrisk insurance, and everything else involving my money that Monzo could asses my credit rating independently and not basing it on how many times I have moved and all my previous addresses. That monzo will learn how I behave and not rely on odd parameters sometimes use by experian and other rating agencies.

Ok… was there a question? Or do you need a link to the topic where this is being discussed? Are you wanting opinions?

Monzo would still be using the same data that experian et al use though? Your credit rating is based on your financial history which includes previous addresses (did you rent, or won/ how much per month did you pay, did you meet all your payments)…

Not sure what benefit this would bring.

I’ll be honest, that’s the last thing I want Monzo to learn :joy: