Ability to Link Payments to Pots

I would really like the ability to match/link purchases to POTs.

The idea being I will set up a POT to buy a new phone every 2 years. I would like to link the final purchase to that POT when I make payment and move the money out of the pot automatically into the main account.

The 2nd idea was to have an option to set next payment made to come from selected pot. I.e I know I’m about to buy my phone, set next payment request to take money from a POT rather than the main account credit.

This has been suggested and discussed before on the forum.


I would love this. I use Pots for my kids pocket money so this would be perfect when they buy something.

It has indeed, see here :slight_smile:

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Active pots is a very different idea. This is about being able to link an existing payment to a pot. I don’t want to have to activate my kids pocket money pot before making a payment. And if I did, I wouldn’t want an important bill to bounce because his pot was active.

I was replying to the OPs idea not yours :slight_smile:

The other idea has also been previously suggested. Have a search and stick your vote on that one too :+1: