Ability to Hashtag money transfers

(Christopher Welsher) #1

Just wondering if there is going to be a feature where you can Hashtag money Transfers?
I have just been on a golf weekend and managed to Hasthtag every transaction over the weekend. I can then easily see how much I have spent. I just can’t hashtag the money transfer for the hotel so can’t get an accurate representation of how much the weekend cost me.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Do you mean something like this? :smiley:

(Christopher Welsher) #3

I do yes :smile: but I don’t seem to be able to tag my bank transfers. I sent some money to a friend of mine and I can’t seem to add a Tag to it…

(Michael) #4

The Faster Payments Service doesn’t allow non-Alpha Numeric characters unfortunately.
There should be the option to Tag these transactions at some point – I know you can on Android, just not on iOS! :sob:

(Christopher Welsher) #5

Such a shame! Now to go and cry a little.

(Jai Sullivan) #6

Monzo’s API already allows you to tag transfers as well as amend the original reference/add a note. Little bit frustrating why this functionality isn’t present in the iOS app :man_shrugging:t2:

(Victoria James) #7

This is exactly what I want on my Monzo… this would make it so easy to track everything I have spent on a holiday etc. Does anyone know if this functionality is going to be made available on IOS?