Ability to disable 3D touch widget. Its leaking my balance when I have TouchID turned on

(Rob) #1

The 3D touch widget leaks my balance when I have specifically added TouchID authentication to the app to view details. I appreciate a lot of people do want this feature, but it would be nice to be able to turn it off as I don’t want some randomer who gets my unlocked phone to be able to see those details.

Is this something that Monzo can do?

I understand that it may be an iOS restriction as far as enabling and disabling.

(Simon B) #2

Hi Rob!

Unfortunately that’s not something we can disable right now on a case-by-case basis.

Surely if you have TouchID enabled that would prevent another person accessing your phone in the first place?

(Rob) #3

Fair enough :smiley:

That is true, I’m just talking about a small use case where my phone is unlocked and someone takes it off of me and then can see my balance, however I appreciate this is a bit of a stretch!

Thanks for coming back to me :smiley: