Ability to copy full card number from the app

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I’m not part of the most important 15% either :pensive:

(Jack) #122

All we need next is the CVC code. Although I see the fact it’s not there for extra security.
The ability to copy and paste would be nice although I can see the risks of pasting that somewhere accidentally.


Only including the ability to copy and paste the card number and not the date or CVC should sort that issue.

Not much you can do unless you have all three.

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I haven’t got it :sob: :sob:

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Seeing as I was in there this evening, the Android app for Starling has always (as long as I have had it) shown the full card number and CVC, but you cannot copy any of them

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Fairly easy to memorise the CVC

(Tyler Nash) #127

As title says I was previously with Starling bank and I’ve lost count of the amount of times having my cards full details in the app helped me when I don’t have my wallet. It’s great being able to grab my cards number, expiration date and security code. I miss being able to see my cards number. Could be hidden away behind a password if security is an issue. Especially useful for people like me who almost exclusively use Apple Pay so never have my card with me.

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This is now in TestFlight version of app.


I cropped out my card number

(Tyler Nash) #129

I love this feature but I have one edit I’d make. When copying it copy’s lots of spaces in the card number which may be fine for some sites but all the ones I’ve come across I’ll loose the last part of the card number as it will only paste the first 3/4ish and I have to go back and delete the spaces and add the last part of the card number in. Could it just copy the numbers with no spaces?

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Also found this recently… it only copied the first 4 digits of my card number

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So I take it, none of you to guys can simply memorize
16 digits?

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I’m on Android and it copys the full number with no spaces


On iOS it copies it with all the spaces, plus an extra space after the last digit :weary:

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You can hide your card number again in Android as of the latest Beta :sunglasses:

Just thought it warranted a share in this thread :yum:

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I can. But why do I have to? :roll_eyes:

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I guess I could, but ever since computers, the internet, and smartphones, my willingness to do so has diminished somewhat.

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Well you don’t have to do anything mate, but sometimes we have np choice, ie… take the rubbish out, wash the pots…:man_shrugging:

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This is just me…I like to think of my brain as either computer or some kind of smart device…

In fact, don’t forget what actually gives you the ability to use your other devices…

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Fair enough. I take the Homer Simpson view; every time I have to remember something new, something else gets forgotten. Probably because I’m old :joy: