Ability to copy full card number from the app

(Tom) #90

Nice! This would definitely be a useful feature

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #91

Right after custom images for pots, I suspect. Got to get the important stuff done first :joy:


Any update on this please? :slightly_smiling_face:

(Simon B) #93

I’m afraid there’s no meaningful updates on this just yet, but it’s still on the agenda.


Thanks, I don’t like saving my card details in chrome/safari so having it in the app would be bril!

(Jack) #95

When this becomes a thing it would be cool to give the customer an option if they even want to receive a physical card. Apple / Google pay + this would cover a good 90+% of my usage.

Less cost on card production/postage + better for the environment. :earth_americas:

Environmental impact of plastic vs metal cards
(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #96

Wouldn’t suit me, but great idea!

(Jai Sullivan) #97

Forgive my ignorance, but surely this is fairly easy to implement? At the moment I’m relying on a locked iOS note :sob:

(Jai Sullivan) #98

This is such a good idea! :clap:t3: I literally don’t use my physical card.

(Jack) #99

Agreed it wouldn’t suit everyone.

Every customer (for example) would still be offered a physical card at any time if they declined upon signup. Obviously at no cost like now.

Could simply be a toggle in the settings as to your preference.


I would like to have the feature of having the card numbers, expiry and csv in the app as well. Just like Starling.

In my case it’s a question of accessibility - am visually impaired.

(Jack) #101


(Jai Sullivan) #102

No CVV? :thinking:

(Kieran) #103

I remember mine and not showing it adds an extra layer of security :slight_smile: .

(Jai Sullivan) #104

Kind of missed my point though. I don’t use my card details enough at all to warrant remembering any of it (yes even 3 digits) — that’s the whole point of it being all in-app in my view. I’d still have to resort to writing the CVV in my notes or something.

(Nathan) #105

Also doesnt look copy/pastable which is sad


Yeah I agree - not much use without the CVV


I would say being able to view the CVV in app with Touch ID/Face ID authentication is more secure than the CVV being printed on the card.

(Jai Sullivan) #108

I don’t want to jump the gun as this is only a preview, but I agree, not very useful without this functionality.

(Rob) #109

I’m not overally bothered if I can see the card number within the app, as I use Keychain in iOS to store my card number, but I can see why others may like this idea.

Keychain don’t allow you to store the CVV though for security reasons so maybe that’s why Monzo isn’t offering it either.