Ability to change "Spent Today" on Home to "Spent This Month" or "Spent This Week"

Admittedly having only had my beautiful coral card (coolest card ever btw!) for 24 hours I don’t have access to the graphs yet. But one thing I think would be really useful and do-able would be the option to tap and hold the “Spent Today” total to switch its setting to my “Spent This Month” or “Spent This Week” total. This would allow the app to adjust to different users’ budgeting needs.

My personal spending habits mean that the amount I’ve spent on a given day isn’t of much importance, but how much I’ve spent so far in the month is key. I know there’s the “Spending” tab to see monthly information but, given that when I open mondo manually or via a notification what I see is the Home tab, to me having my monthly total there in that “at-a glance” format would be incredibly useful.

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