Ability to add reference in payments

Are there any plans to add the ability to add a reference for payments for example if you want to pay a credit card?

You can already add a reference

And it also remembers it for next time :wink:

Do you have a screenshot as I don’t see it.

Pay by bank transfer and then select from the Frequent list - can’t give a screenshot as the reference number is my credit card number!

Thanks I’ve seen it. Makes things alot easier now.

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Are you talking about the ability to add notes to bank transfers on iOS?
(ie: not a payment reference when you send the payment, but a note on the transaction after the payment has been sent)

You can vote for the ability to add notes to banks transfers on iOS here:

There is no ability to add reference when you are paying someone new, once they appear on your list then you can add a reference but not the first time you make a payment to them which I think is pretty rubbish. You might pay a person once and never again in plenty of scenarios.

If I am mistaken please excuse me but I would like to know if there is a way to add reference when you first send money to someone.


There definitely is on iOS, on the 2nd page iirc

This is available on Android also. The message you see is “Sent from Monzo” and that can be changed

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