Abandon merchant logos!

(Dean) #25

I agree :+1:

(MikeF) #26

As came up with the recent Hewlet Packard/Morgan Stanley example (which @Rika sorted for us) there is sometimes the need to split things, too. In that case I’m guessing it was an incorrect merge but the result was the logo flipping back and forth between two identities as each ‘side’ requested their transactions be corrected.

(Chaks) #27

Love the merchant logos, They do make my feed easier to read at a glance :two_hearts:

(John) #28

Merchant logos are one of the biggest things for me - makes the feed look so good!!

When I first got Monzo - I shied away from using certain merchants because they had no logo haha! Didn’t realise at the time you could submit them!

(Kevyn) #29

And the different Amazon’s :tired_face: .

Thanks for the update though!


I reckon this is a really good space for a start-up. Build a database of reliable info. Link to merchant ids / social media. Allow brands to manage their identities across multiple platforms (banks, social media…) Open Apis. Charge firms like Monzo less than it costs them to curate it themselves.

You read it here first. Also, my DMs are open. :wink:

Should Merchant Data be Open Data
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As with most things, someone has already done this. A quick Google found www.clearbit.com :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Here is the logo part: https://clearbit.com/logo and the documentation to create your own company profiles using their APIs: https://clearbit.com/developers

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image https://media2.giphy.com/media/l378iA8T0vfaGZ9h6/giphy.gif?cid=19f5b51a5bcc5679585237345558b040


It’s on the way but I think more could be done (link to merchant IDs anyone?)

More competition in this space! I’d be keen for Monzo (or Starling but they won’t have the volume) to spin out this data into a dedicated (micro) startup that can really nail it.

(NM) #34

@Peter_G How much data like this is opensource? because if most of it is Opensource I might have a play with it? As the Monzo thing,I played with end with the conclusion that I can’t do it as IFTTT IF functions are reserved for paying companies, rather annoyingly :joy:

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This makes me wince :grimacing: Looking forward to sorting it out!

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Hi! :wave:
Saw the word merchant and knew I needed to show my face!
I work mainly on doing Review Merchant Feedback (RMF) here at Monzo. I do like the idea of the app having the logos but I see the negatives especially with little corner shops. Hopefully with @kieranmch 's amazing tooling it’s going to make everything amazing! He is helping me out sooo much. :hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart:
I can’t wait to use it and be able to explain what I think needs to be changed in order to improve this. I have been making myself an expert at RMF over the last 6 weeks and I love it.

(Kieran McHugh) #37

It turns out that logos, names, location data, etc is quite readily available from loads of different sources. The difficulty we have is identifying the correct merchant with the limited information we get from Mastercard/BACS/other payment schemes. We have developed a proprietary system for doing this, and it’s getting better :slight_smile:


But this is it - if you have to ‘work’ to keep your feed looking nice, something is very, very wrong. This is the very opposite of what Monzo should be.

(Jack) #39

In theory once every merchant has been linked up to some sort of social media account. It would be an automatic process for keeping them updated in the future.


Unfortunately lots of merchants aren’t on social media

(Jack) #41

Hopefully other methods will be added in the future. It’s one of those things that pays off in the long run.
If you’re not interested in the merchant logos you don’t have to fill it out :slight_smile:

(Andy) #42

Every merchant I have used going back 3 months has a social media, but maybe that’s just me.


I can see that they’re popular with some (most!) but I would like the option to turn them off.


No I love merchant logos, too me thats one of the things that sets Monzo apart from some banks.