A Quick Update on the New Name, via Snapchat

Smart thoughts, I completely agree.

@mondo : the level of proximity vs serious you need to adopt should be the one of Captain Train (French startup recently bought by TheTrainLine). They’ve been absolutely accurate and constant in their communication, and they’ve never been too formal or too cool.

You should definitely have a look at what they are doing on customer support, they’ve put lot of efforts on it, onboarding every new employee to teach them the rules, etc.

Hope it helps too !

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I for one :heart:️ the friendliness of Mondo, if I want a boring bank I would stick to the outdated highstreet brands.

I dislike the corporate feel of formal communication. Snapchat is a great way to interact with different (younger) audience.
If you don’t like snapchat then you don’t have to use it, I’m by no means an avid user myself but fully support the use of it.

Communicating via different channels will reach the widest audience. I’d much rather watch a fun informal video update via snapchat than reading some drab formal article.

Bring on the Snaps and emojis!!


without a doubt snapchat is becoming a channel of choice for millennials too according to the latest insights from Adobe insight

Hi Dan! Really appreciate the braindump. Interesting points around the two ends of the spectrum.

Without sounding cocky (most of it was before I arrived anyway!), I think we’ve handled communication via Twitter really nicely, with lots of mini-updates there. I see other platforms that aren’t yet as big as Twitter, like Snapchat, and I’m interested to explore what’s possible there. I see the types of content being very similar on both - just for slightly different (sometimes overlapping) audiences.

What are your thoughts on our use of Twitter? Just out of interest.

Overall I think my current position on this is that any update that isn’t key to the user’s in-app experience should be one where we can experiment, and be a bit more creative.

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Really helpful! I’ll look at Captain Train :eyes: :steam_locomotive:

"Outsourcing customer support to cut costs? How about no. That’s not the way we roll. While some might see support as an added cost, we see an opportunity to delight our customers with caring answers.”



I like Twitter as an announcement platform, and I think it’s a much better fit than Snapchat, but again, given that it’s a closed platform and you have to have an account to get updates in a useful way, and given how ephemeral it can be, I’d still say that blog/email are better mediums for more important communication. The communication via Twitter is good (although the emoji thing is still there).

Overall I think my current position on this is that any update that isn’t key to the user’s in-app experience should be one where we can experiment, and be a bit more creative.

Yeah I see your point here, and I’m all for experimenting. That said, I think communication around topics that can be life-or-death for a startup (like changing your brand name) are still important to the user experience and to building trust.

Fair enough. Rest assured that when we’ve decided on the new name, we’ll let everyone know across all platforms :grinning:


I think Snapchat updates are a great idea, especially when engaging the younger generation (me…23). I think too many people are looking at Snapchat as purely a platform to chat/exchange pictures with friends, where in fact there is a lot of untapped potential! Can Mondo be a trend setter in Snapchat also?

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How about: Mondo​:soon::soon::soon::soon: Mungo?

To be honest I think that small updates like a few examples here:
“We should hear from our lawyers in the next few days for the green light :vertical_traffic_light:
“Were getting there :hourglass_flowing_sand:
"Were now starting the process to integrate Apple Pay! :tada: "
"Our last name idea has already been trademarked :frowning: "

Are great for Twitter and Snapchat as they are small not important updates that not everyone wants to know about. However, I do have to say as soon as big updates (such as like the new name or even were now a bank!) are announced then yes they should be announced in better mediums such as emails and blog posts as they should be told to everyone, not just the people that want smaller updates.

So to simplify:
Small updates - Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram maybe
Big updates - Email, Blog post, Article, and more professional and business types of communication

Here is a nice little suggestion to get the updates out there as I know banks like Natwest have just started doing it with their app. Whenever they have an announcement such as downtime or a new feature like Touch ID they show it to you when you open the app and a button to continue to your accounts. This is a great way to send out announcements to everyone that has the apps and you can even make it send a notification to the phone if it’s something really big to get people’s attention.


I’ve never used snapchat but I might be tempted after viewing your message Bailey. It felt very weird , like a face time call ha ha but I have no objection to being updated like that. In fact it’s nice, the personal touch :blush:

:100: snaps from the Android launch by the way, really enjoyed those. :heart:


That’s definitely the type of event to put on Snapchat. Really enjoying seeing you guys trying out new things for everything you’re doing.

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