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Hi All, new poster here :grinning:

This looks great, it looks like the search by date functionality is relative though? (Search by this / last period)
Would be better still with an option to search between specific dates - perhaps that’s there but not clear from the picture…

Also, Revolut issued a ‘sneak peek’ yesterday of what looks to be statement generation in their upcoming update.
Would be great to generate a PDF for example of the search results, and better still - perhaps save / send that out via AirPrint for those times that we need a printed statement

((☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)) #7

Is a geographical search on the cards?
I fancy being able to sit at my desk and see how much I’ve spent in the local shops on food by typing <750m "this week" groceries

(James Billingham) #8

I think the icons look unclear - would be better with labels.

(Rika Raybould) #9

Given it the day to think about and I’m still very confused as to how this would work in practice or how I would even approach this as a user. My gut feeling is that it’s over-thought and based far too much around pickers, prioritising not obscuring the results view. Surely it would be faster to just type some of those things and turn them in to tokens as you go?

(Terry) #10

It looks good, one thing I would like the search to be able to do is to be smart. What I mean by that is if I currently search for B & Q it won’t come up with any transactions as the transaction I made is actually B&Q without any spaces. It would also be nice to be able to search for B and Q and have it show the results. Does that make sense?

(Zander) #11

Amazing feedback all – thank you so much for taking the time :slight_smile:

@vojtech_vrbka we intend on dropping the graph for now, but perhaps in the future it’ll return once it simplifies the data in it’s visualisation, as right now I agree with you, it doesn’t provide any real benefit. So what you’d like to see is a breakdown of, say, “Entertainment >£10”, for each month?

@David.D hey David, welcome to the forum! For now we’re keeping the timeframes as simple as this/last X, but certainly considered it in the process. I’d like to see how we all use this Search and potentially revisit the time period function if it feels lacking. As for the statement generation, that will be part of our Search too! Exporting will possible with every search :floppy_disk:

@RichardR One thing that’s not included in the image is the default state when you tap on the search bar (there’s quite a few diff states so I wanted to show the more detailed ones), but here it is:

Natural language input is 100% possible, and by default we’ll have the keyboard to search with. When you type “shopping” or “>£10” or “in London” or “James”, each of these strings will be turned into tokens (I’ve been calling them pills but you’ve given me a better term :smiley:) and the search will update in realtime. The role of the tab icons is to provide a UI with exact options for what can be searched, but isn’t necessary if you’d like to simply type in certain parameters.

Scrap the Graph
(Zander) #12

Great idea! Right now Locations will be based on all the places you’ve been, and I’ve been exploring options for drawing on a map (similar to Foursquare, if you’ve seen that implementation). That’s a really nice suggestion for another functionality we could have.

(Rika Raybould) #13

Ah, that’s more what I was thinking.

Not fully sold on the experience of using that row of icons and the pickers in that way though, I just can’t visualise it in my head without running in to issues of state (why I often like to design in Motion, After Effects or some live prototyping tool) and possibly falling over on complex search queries (if I select multiple categories, is that applied AND or OR? What about the same with people? The answer is obviously OR but everything else will be applied AND. What if you were to mix people and categories? Is that applied AND or OR all together? Same with multiple merchants, etc. Is there a way to show only either incomings or outgoings of P2P payments with X person? Stuff gets complex really quickly!).

Also, the +£ and -£ is a little confusing, looks as if it’s a filter for incoming/outgoing. Consider up/down arrows maybe? All else is fine except I don’t know what the far right one is supposed to be. Should additionally really semi-dim ALL of the buttons if none are selected.

Anyway, I’m tired so this may not make any sense in the morning. :sweat_smile:

(Joshua Turner) #14

The filtering with logical ANDs and ORs might not need any input from a user, for example if you add 3 people tokens to the search that would be OR’ed, if I add multiple money requests they’d have to be ordered but you would assume they would be logically OR’ed, multiple dates would be OR’ed, the separate type tokens would be AND’ed.
Although it would be nice to have a slick way in the UI to choose - this OR this, this AND this or BETWEEN for date ranges searches etc.

@zancler I would say the calendar search is cool, with the ‘this week’ and ‘last weekend’ but, I think there probably needs to be granular date searches - so a method to input an actual date from selecting a calendar or something would be good to.

(Andy Johnson) #15

Wow, this looks fantastic. Can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile:

(Archie Campbell) #16

Search is the main reason I signed up for Mondo.

I like being able to budget by time frames. I.e. How much did I spend last weekend, last friday, last week etc.

Being able to split this into categories would be swell.

Have to say at the moment I’d prefer to be able to write in all the tags I.e. ‘Spend last weekend’ than have to push buttons to that effect. Of course being able to be both would be swell.

(Zander) #17

All of that’s totally possible with this new search. Eg ‘shopping last weekend’, and you can type in the query you want rather than using the UI to select it if you’d prefer: A new Search

(Alex Smith) #18

This looks really good. One thing I would say is that this great alerted me to the search feature… Which says something about me or the app :wink:
On time frames I would love to know things like, how much I spent at lunch this week/month. How much do I spend in the pub after work (this would be week day early evenings). Or how much do I spend in coffee on the way to work a month. Etc. This would allow me to see how much I would save if I cut down or cut out certain habits.

(Jamie) #19

I would like to find out if search has ‘adaptive search’ there is one provider i use that shows up different text on a transaction, say paypal as an example. Is there anyway that you can identify different paypal payments that are for bills/leisure/food/etc.

(Zander) #20

Yeah that’s a really cool idea. I’ll have a think n have a chat with some of the team to see what we can do :slight_smile:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #21

It’d be great if you could search for transactions which don’t have a receipt attached. That way, I could go through and add receipts quickly.

(James Watkins) #22

Being able to do a search to show all transactions ‘without’ certain notes would be helpful
E.g. You could search ‘:x: Camden’. This would allow you to edit a bunch of transactions and write Camden in the notes (if you were in Camden for a weekend away for example), and then you could see everything you spent that month but without the money spent in Camden.
Sometimes I spend money on things that are outliers to my usual budget and it skews the whole amount

(Zander) #23

Thanks for the feedback James — your idea also ties into a feature others have discussed before about grouping spending:

It’s an interesting idea, and has definite use cases, I think it’s part of the bigger question about how categories should work and the way we tie clusters of spending together :slight_smile:

(Hugo Cornejo) #24

I’m playing with the idea of using a long tap (or even single tap if we are willing to accept the trade-off) to reveal some extra options for our search filters.

This could easily address the most common requests about search (calendar control, debit/credit search, not-attachments) while not adding more complexity for those that don’t want more stuff.

Just a quick post so you know that we listen to your amazing feedback and keep working on improving Monzo :slight_smile:


Perhaps those extra options could be controlled by the pattern SwiftKey uses for punctuation - hold button, drag left or right, release on correct option?