A lil' doc to help you understand savings and investment

(Niki Mukhi) #41

Hey David @thewzrdharry, thanks so much!


@nikimukhi Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for taking the time to write and share this doc. It’s game-changing and I’m going to pass it on to a number of my friends : )

(Jon Moss) #43

This looks terrific - a lot of work has gone into it - thanks very much for posting :slight_smile:

(Niki Mukhi) #44

Hey thank you @jwes, so glad to hear it. I hope it’s useful for them (and you) :slight_smile:

(Niki Mukhi) #45

Hey @jmoss thank you! :pray: :pray:

(Vijay) #46

Hi Niki
This is a very well thought through piece of work with good templates. I like the ease of approach and diligence behind it.
Thanks and keep going!

(Niki Mukhi) #47

Hey Vijay @Qubits Thank you for having a read and your kind words!! :slight_smile: