A group organisers pot feature

As another idea following on from my last post… let’s say you are organising a holiday for a group. It would be great to list peoples names and how much they each need to save. Once they have sent some money to you and you place it in the pot, you could assign it to one of the names and it gives a running cost of how much they still need to pay. I know that this feature would help me a lot!!!

Pots within a pot :thinking:



This would be great.

You can kind of achieve this with a shared tab. Add the cost of the holiday as a whole it in parts and split it between the holiday goers. They can make full of partial payments and can see how much they still owe. The only issue is that you would have to move any payments they send over (and your own) to a pot manually.

I think this issue could be solved by having notes for pots.

Multiple sub goals for a single pot would be useful though.