A final 2020 Monzo Plus update

It’d be cool to see the CVV for your physical Monzo card, before moving on to others! It’s really annoying that you can’t see that in the app, even though you can with competitors and indeed, as you say, with virtual cards.

I have no insight, but my instinct would be that you can get the long card number from open banking, but not the CVV or potentially the expiry date. A secure place to allow the user to enter them would be great, though.


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May I ask why you feel virtual cards should be free?

They mention the card replacement process when you’re signing up and you agreed to this.

If you’re really concerned then you wouldn’t have accepted your Plus card and would have kept the coral one.

Suggesting that they give features away for free could also been seen as a total waste for the business.

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Joint accounts will get me to sign up tomorrow and ditch my NatWest account. All that holding our family back :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, has anyone heard anything about adding custom categories (or any categories) to transactions on external accounts? And the ability to export those transactions like we can with the main Monzo account? Thanks!

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I’m not aware of any way to get the full card number. We already display the card details we do get: usually the last four digits, and sometimes also the first five/six (which are the BIN/IIN).

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