A final 2020 Monzo Plus update

Hi everyone :wave:

I wanted to shoot over one last update before I close my laptop and recharge my batteries. I’m currently on day 13 of hotel quarantine in Australia, on the way to meeting my new niece and spending time with my family. I hope everyone gets the chance to unwind and put 2020 behind them.

It’s been a big year for the Monzo Plus team. And we’re thrilled with all of your support and feedback over the year that’s seen us launch two new accounts to over 100,000 customers.

Before I go, I wanted to share some progress on a couple areas of Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium that we’re working on.

:bar_chart: Connected accounts budgeting improvements

We’ve been working on improving the experience for connected accounts and trying to make the transactions look, feel, and act like the ones you’re used to seeing in your Monzo feed. We’re also looking to add more historical data and a few other improvements that I won’t share just yet (so I don’t ruin the surprise). This isn’t a final design, but let me know what you think below.

:couple_with_heart_woman_man: Exploring joint accounts

We know that Monzo Plus and Monzo Premium for joint accounts is something you’ve all been asking for. It’s a big chunk of work, but we’ve started looking into how we can make it work with all of the intricacies that exist with our new accounts. Sadly, I don’t have much more of an update for you yet, or a timeline on when we think it might be ready.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. I’m tired, both because it’s 11:13pm and because it’s been a big year.

Sending the Monzo community loads of good luck for 2021.

See ya next year!


Have a happy Christmas :christmas_tree:


Have a boss Christmas :christmas_tree:

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Best Christmas present ever @davidwalton ? :laughing:


Thanks for the update! Have a great Christmas!

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Thanks for the update @tomdavies, External Account stuff looks like a great next step.

Have a fantastic Christmas down under!


Back of the net :soccer: :soon:

Still, positive and I like positive.


Yard Sale Pizza! :+1:


So pleased that the joint accounts are being looked in to :slight_smile:

Merry Xmas, enjoy the break x


Thanks for the update!

Re connected accounts, can’t see any reason I’d want it to look different to standard feed. So that looks great. I would want all the same info, and crucially, want it to link in.

For me, it’s absolutely necessary to have universal feed and summary/budgeting for this feature to become worthwhile :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the update @tomdavies, keep them coming!

Have a great time and remember bthe best bit about being an uncle is you get to give them back after getting bthem hyper.

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Looking at the screenshot is looks to me like transaction enrichment is being performed at a category level, rather than remaining individual merchant, so not quite the same as you would see in your Monzo feed?

One thing I would like to see, early in 2021, is the ability to pay my credit cards off directly from the attached account/card. :crossed_fingers:


Great to see this progress! Looking forward to premium joint accounts.

Sounds like you need a holiday more than I do!


Just about getting the timing right between feeding and changing!

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Great news that a more enriched experience is coming for external accounts - up to now I haven’t used it at all because it’s not really any different to any other Open Banking provider, but this will unlock the power behind Monzo’s budget/categorisation features and I’m really excited to make use of that!


Fingers crossed Joint account being worked on might mean 2021 will see it delivered?

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Its getting there, still not quite at the tipping point yet for me.

Not sure this would be possible with openbanking or not but could it be possible to see the card numbers, expiry date and cvv from connected accounts?

Find that part of monzo really useful when the cards out of view when purchasing online.

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Re external accounts, for it to work budgeting wise for me, there would need to be the option to have none open banking accounts, such as savings accounts elsewhere. Obviously you can’t automatically populate this, but if we could add transactions manually like you can in say YNAB that would be great