A big update to connected accounts

Perfect - i only care about credit cards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep the Virgin credit card is the only one missing for me in connected accounts. Good news.

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Chase there now?

Not for me, even with the extra labs accounts.

Sorry, I just noticed it’s in the Add money section, not open banking connections.

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Mine refuses to load the transactions. I’ve spoken to support who say it’ll be weeks to solve it despite it being solved before during my Plus trial. Not sure what to do from now…

Is there any news on virgin credit coming to labs?


Hey Jimmy :wave: We made some progress on Virgin credit cards, we’ve now register a client with them, this allows us to talk to their API.

We’re able to create a consent, this is what the customer needs to approve within the Virgin app/website to allow access to the account data. And we’re successfully redirecting to Virgin and getting redirected back to the Monzo app.

This is where we run into a problem with some data we get back from them in the redirect uri, we’ve raised it with them. They’ve stated others have the same issue and they’re working with a partner to fix it, there’s no timeline at the moment.

Sorry that the progress has been slow going, but hopefully we won’t run into too many more issue with the rest of the integration.



Sounds like the similar issue i have with them on Emma and Snoop…as mentioned above. That one’s been like it for months