5G Tower

Can anyone help. This tower has been installed for quite a number of months and trying to work out what it is. There have been a few of them installed locally. In the picture it looks like it’s attached to the building but it’s not, it’s on a large pole off the main road and box at the bottom of the pole.

A few people have said it looks like a 5G cell tower. I’ve been looking on various apps to check if it is. Although I get 5G signal at home, it’s not that strong and it states that my area is limited 5G coverage. Apparently, there are only two service providers that offer 5G in my area and that’s EE and Three, but both provider’s websites say that the 5G signal is weak in my area. So if it was a 5G tower surely I’d get stronger 5G signal depending on what provider the tower belongs to? Is this correct?

I mean it doesn’t really bother me because I have WiFi at home. But I’m curious if it is 5G and what network.

Might not be turned on yet

I did think that. But the amount of time it has been there. I would have imagined it would have been turned on by now.

Check your local planning permission records

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There’s a lag normally in (a) it turning on (b) coverage maps being updated (c) it being a different provider.

inb4 it’s horizontal.

Look at something like this: 3 UK (United Kingdom) Cell Tower Map

See if it’s on there…

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If its not sited on the roof of a building, simply go to the site of the tower. There may well be some clues on the fence telling you who it belongs to, and possibly even what it serves.


Thanks all. I will do that and check the tower and see who it’s owned by etc and the purpose. I wasn’t sure if it actually was a 5G tower though.

Ordog- Haha I’ve had both and awaiting my third booster jab. I’d be expecting triple speeds at this rate.

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It’s a 5G mast. There are a few ‘styles’ of 5G repeaters but that’s a common one in your image. If it is in sight of your house, your 5G signal would be strong though. As others have suggested - it might not be switched on.

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Thanks for confirming. Am I right in saying that each provider have their own mast? Or can they be used for multiple operators?

I don’t have a radiation suit at the moment. Looks like having to go to the shop and buying a couple of rolls of tin foil :joy::joy::joy:

Yes that picture was taken from my back garden, zoomed in.

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The top small part looks like 5g radios ,rest is probably a mix of 2/3/4g depending on the operator.

They can be shared , often it’s 3 and EE sharing and then o2 and Vodafone.

If you have a look at the box next to it , it should say a company name , you can Google them and often it’ll say they are a management company for $company.

Depending how new it is , this site can help


Perfect. Thank you for your help.

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It’s one of the Bill Gates towers to control the vaccine chip in people.

On a serious note, my local towers have a plaque on them with contact details and operator logo

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That cellmapper ain’t great, doesn’t show me any 5G towers in my area, yet I have 5G

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