429 Error when attempting to split bills

Issue: Everytime I try to split a transaction I get a 429 error. I stopped trying yesterday because someone told me I just need to wait because the “server was overloaded” but it’s still happening today. Please help!

Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS 16.3.1
Device: iPhone XR
App Version: 5.14.0


@iOS_Health is this in your ballpark? :eyes:

This doesn’t look like an iOS Health issue (seems to be some problem with the bill split product specifically, rather than a general iOS bug.)

I’ve reached out to the team that looks after this area of the app to let them know there’s a problem :fast_forward: :+1:

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Thanks @leewatkins. Ever the star!

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:wave: Hey @Kmorris! I’m Nurlan from the Core Experience team that takes care of Bill Splits feature. I’d be happy to help if you messaged us the email you use for your Monzo account so that we can check what logs we’ve got on the backend and why you’d be getting that error. If you’d prefer to get in touch via in-app chat, please feel free.

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