401 Unauthorized when attempting to retrieve access code


I’ve been developing a little personal app to take care of some automation for the home joint account. Up until now, everything has been working just fine, however I made the mistake of accidentally removing the live OAuth2 client as opposed to the test client.

No bother I thought, I’ll just create a new client, and reconfigure the app on my side. If only it was so easy.

I’ve created a new OAuth2 client, and configured the relevant client ID and secret. I run through the initial authentication steps without issue, however once my app receives the authorization code it is unable to swap this for an access code. When attempting to do so, I received 401 Unauthorized.

Can anybody advise? I’ve triple checked all the setup, and confirmed the content of the request being sent is correct. I’m at a little bit of a loss as to why without any changes to the code base this would suddenly start to fail.


According to the documentation:

Authentication errors

Errors pertaining to authentication are standard errors but also contain extra information to follow the OAuth specification. Specifically, they contain the error key with the following values:

I’ve checked the response content which appears to be blank on my requests. Surely that shouldn’t be the case? Testing with an invalid client ID returns the error message “Client is not active” so that would suggest that the API is at least recognising my client details are correct, and that perhaps something is refusing the authentication internally for some reason?

Thanks in advance,