3r telecom


This morning went to use my card in a new shop, and touch pay didn’t work. They guy in the shop complained ‘these cards no good, always fail’

I asked him who his payment provider was, he said 3r telecom. He used it in all his shops.

Could someone reach out and fix it with them please.


I believe you’ll need to email this to acceptance@monzo.com

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Strange as they’re probably just a reseller.
Did chip and pin work?
Unless the ePos has blocked prepay BIN numbers as they cost more to process , is Monzo prepaid and current BIN the same?

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No, the Prepaid cards had a BIN of 5354 20 and the current accounts have 5355 22.


Chip and Pin worked after it didn’t work with touch pay.

Thanks, mailed them with a link to this thread