[3DS] Display card being used on 3DS confirmation screen

TL;DR: display which card is being used to make a purchase on the 3DS confirmation screen.

When I make a purchase online and am asked to verify the purchase in the app using 3DS, I receive a notification from Monzo. Tapping the notification takes me straight to the 3DS confirmation screen in the app (great!).
However, I currently have a Monzo personal account card, a Monzo Flex card, and a Monzo business account card. Despite having just typed in (or usually autocompleted) the card details to pay, I sometimes have a moment of worry that I’ve used the wrong card (especially for big purchases).

I think it would be useful to have which card was used and the final four digits of the card number (personal 1234, Flex 5678, business 9101, joint 1121) displayed in the 3DS confirmation screen so the user can check with a glance that they’ve used the correct card.

It’s a small thing but would add a moment of joy / remove a moment of stress in the 3DS experience.