2FA for Community Forum: The selected second factor method is not enabled for your account

Is there any way I can access my old community account? Upgraded my phone and completely forgot to transfer my 2FA details.

I get a magic link; and the webpage displays the following message: The selected second factor method is not enabled for your account


You only need the Magic Link to get into your Monzo account, not sure what the second message is - are you using a personal email account or a Gsuite/Office 365 account?

As above :point_up:

Also make sure that you’re opening the email on the same device that you have Monzo installed on.

Ahh - should’ve been clearer! This is for the community forum :slight_smile:

Ahhh, didn’t know there was 2FA on here to be honest - I’ll have to set that up myself.

Probably one for @simonb or @AlanDoe, managing forum accounts is one of the things they can help with :slight_smile:

What’s the original username?

Hi; the user was: thebiglebowski - thanks!

Can you pop me an email to simonb@monzo.com from the email registered to that account so I can confirm you are the owner please?

@AlanDoe: could you please assist; I had a brief breakthrough with @simonb deactivating and reactivating my account but he’s sadly left. Thanks!


Any updates on the above? Thanks.

You might be better (if you haven’t already) sending a private message to @AlanDoe so he can pick it up next time he visits :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve been waiting for a response for about 5 months now. Does @AlanDoe still work for Monzo in this role? I’ve messaged him aa few times without a response. He did say he was busy and looking into it at one point, but that trail has gone cold. Thanks.

Still work here and on it @ITnoob.