28/02/18 P2P Payments Issue

Is anybody else experiencing issues with P2P (paying contacts) today? I’m getting a ‘try again’ error. CoOps have said that there’s an issue at the moment but I can’t see any status updates or other reports (unless I’m being very blind).

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It seems there’s currently an issue with GPS affecting our prepaid system. If you were trying to send payments to a prepaid customer, or if you are still on prepaid yourself, then this will be affecting you - it’s not affecting people on our upgraded accounts.

We are still investigating, but the results so far indicate this fault isn’t on our end, so unfortunately we must wait for GPS to fix from their side :pensive:

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Hmm, I’m on CA and so is the person I’m sending money to. Strange.

Oh really? That changes my understanding of what was happening then. Let me do some more digging for you.


Wait! Managed to get it to work!!

The person I was paying used to be on Prepaid and was on my ‘recent payees’ list under her legal name.

However, scrolling down to ‘contacts on Monzo’ shows this person under their name in my contacts list. This worked.

I assume the app was trying to pay her old prepaid card, and the redirect (which I’m sure I’ve read about?) isn’t working because of the GPS issue.


Yep, that sounds like the case!