25% credit card tax on refund


I paid in advance for a skidoo (snow mobile) trip yesterday morning. On the afternoon I fell skiing and dislocated my shoulder.

I ask the skidoo company for a refund and they said they can refund 75% as the other 25% has been lost in credit card fees. The fees seem a bit high and I feel the company is milking it a bit.

I was a bit hasty and raised a dispute for the full amount. Monzo said they’ll review by next week, but I’ll have return home holidays.

Should I get the 75% refunded and then claim a dispute for the other 25%?


Sounds like a travel insurance case, instead of monzo chargeback maybe. :thinking:


Have a look at your contract with the company for their cancellation policy.

If they have broken their own terms, you can raise a chargeback for the difference.

Otherwise, you can claim on your travel insurance.


This was pretty generous unless their policy allows for a cancellation this last minute. What do the booking terms say?

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Yes, ignoring the ‘credit card fees’ nonsense that they claim, that seems very generous for a last minute cancellation. What does your travel insurance say about this kind of thing?

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Yes definitely not ‘credit card fees’. It sort of sounds like a booking fee amount, maybe an intermediary agency was used somewhere and this was their fee.


Akin to my thoughts.