2 - Step authentication on Outlook?

Trying to make it so I have to login using the authenticator on my phone for security, however it also gives me an option to enter the password or to use the authenticator when i log in.

Is there any way to make it so authentication is the only method ( no password ) ?


Two-step auth requires both. Hence “two step”.


I know, but what im saying is. I can’t use both at the same time. It only lets me do one or the other ?

Surely it should require a password AND authentication. Not just one of them.

But this is what you asked. I’ll just mute the thread, eh?

I want to either use authentication only ( finger print ) or both one after the other.

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two step authentication only works when you signing in from a new place unfortunately you always have to use your password when logging in, there’s no option for logging in by authentication only I’m afraid