1Password Integration

(Bhavic) #36

How do we get access to the testflight version if we want to test new features (and provide feedback etc)

(Keith) #37

I agree this would be perfect. It’s the one thing my normal bank app doesn’t do



Testers for tesflight are currently full. They might let us know when any space becomes free. So keep an eye out :slight_smile:

(Liam DC Nisbet) #40

Touch ID login gets my vote

(Thomas Welton) #41

:heart:️ 1Password & TouchID

(Brexit Day Is Gonna Be Shamayzing.) #42

Off topic I know but can someone please explain the benefits to 1Password as I tried it a few years ago and just didn’t get it.

I use Chrome and all my passwords are stored there so how does 1Password differ?

(Richard Bairwell) #43

1Password is browser agnostic so you can use it with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or even stand alone (handy for keeping things such as software licence keys, memorable data etc in it). It is also multiplatform (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and just about under Linux) and offers Dropbox syncing - so you can have your passwords anywhere you want. It is also quite secure, supports automated backups, auto-locking (if you want it), and is generally very handy (also allegedly supports storing of 2 factor login codes/generation, but I thinking keep those with your passwords is a “bad idea”).

It’s very handy if all your sites have 20 character+ unique passwords (and 1Password can check for “duplicated” passwords and weak passwords) and you use a multitude of systems.

(James Billingham) #44

Touch ID is now implemented in v1.5.2. It will be available in the App Store soon. You can enable it by going to Your Card -> Profile -> Touch ID.

1Password is no longer relevant because Mondo doesn’t use passwords.

/thread :wink:


I think adding Thumbprint pass and ID verification would be really handy, it is a feature I liked about previous banking and CC apps to streamline entry and have a bit of security than someone just clicking the app and being able to see what i’ve got going on with my coral card!


A fair number of companies are experimenting with getting rid of passwords. mypico.org seems pretty cool, hopefully one of the solutions will become adoptable for mainstream!

(Marta) #47

I like experiments, but I would prefer to have an option to chose - and I’d chose to have a password. Experiments might be great, etc, but in case of password I’m all 25 chars and all symbols approach (ofc, lastpass to remember it).

(Alex Sherwood) #48

How have you got on with Monzo’s passwordless approach so far?

Personally, I’d rather not have to manage the password in my password manager at all, I like magic links :sparkles:

Whether those work or not (they do :wink:) has been discussed here -

(Marta) #49

I wasn’t too concerned so far, but Monzo is somewhat a toy for me now - I have low funds and not too scared.
That other thread seems very thorough, I’ll read it in full when I have more time. But I’d feel safer with password and authenticator. 2nd step could be text, email (steam-like), but preferably it would be authenticator app on my phone. Auth app has also password on my phone, while text on stolen phone and hacked email seem less secure.

(Adam Palmer) #50

Definitely, gets my vote.

(Andy Little) #51

I use Lastpass. But I’m struggling to see what password managers have to do with Monzo, it doesn’t require a password to sign in.
Although I wish it would use a password and a form of 2fa to be honest.

(James wood) #52

How about Dashlane too?

(Simon ) #53

Would love to see Fingerprint log in come to the App.

(Alex Sherwood) #54

I’m guessing you’re an Android user then - it’s on it’s way, here’s the card on the roadmap.

iOS users can protect the app with Touch ID -

(Simon ) #55

Thank you for the information​. Great to see its planned in. Loving Monzo.

(Marta) #56

If you happen to be one of One Plus owners, cyanogen OS (only this OS, as far as we are aware!) allows for either fingerprint or pattern verification when you open the app, as described here: