1p Savings Challenge with Siri Shortcuts

I don’t have an IFTTT account and don’t really want to get one, so I’ve made a Siri Shortcut to automate making a reminder for each day of the following year telling me how much to save.

If anyone else is interested in using it, it’s available here: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/b55286562844429487bf5bf8c2fbc590

It’s a rough draft so far, so when you open it you have to set the start date, the number of repeats and the reminder list to use.

My settings:
I’ve set the start date as 31/12/2019 so that it begins on 01/01/2020.
I’ve set the number of repeats to 366 because 2020 is a leap year.
I’ve set the reminder list to ‘1p Savings Challenge’ so that it doesn’t clog up my main reminders list.

Screenshots attached to show you what it should look like. :money_mouth_face:

What are your reasons for not wanting one?

All of this would be a lot simpler if you did and you’d unlock all sorts of other handy functions too for both Monzo and the other services you use.

No real reason, just can’t be bothered getting another account. Plus, I quite like organising things using my phone and using the Monzo app is much slicker than any other banking app I’ve used before…so having to use it for savings every day doesn’t upset me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No worries I was just curious :+1: I use IFTTT for way more stuff outside of Monzo, it’s phenomenal just how much it can do to simplify and automate mundane tasks that I never thought was possible. :sunglasses: