1p messages

Is this a little concerning?

I just find this a little concerning if what I put in my first message is true. Everyone is sending 1p messages to each other yet if mortgage providers can read these messages, then people are potentially ruining their application. But monzo think this is ok and the customers don’t know what they are doing

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Um, I really don’t get what you want Monzo to do? Block people making payments? They’re a bank, they can’t just arbitrarily decline incoming transactions just because they are for X amount. Same for outgoing transactions, imagine the outrage.

It’s up to people to act like adults and consider the consequences of their actions. Perhaps find better friends or don’t give your bank details out?

Not to mention a mortgage provider would probably see it for what it is


Why would they be responsible for your reference? It’s your choice to use those words.


But even Monzo are promoting this on their social media when social networking goes down.

I understand that monzo can’t control this. However they COULD inform customers what this could do and then if customers decide to carry on, it’s their own bloody fault.

Monzo shouldn’t let people spend money on frivolous things as one day the customer might want to apply for a mortgage

Let people have a bit of fun without going Helen Lovejoy on them


I don’t think they were promoting people sending silly references. And there’s no harm sending someone 1p (unless it’s to harass them in which case Monzo can and have blocked payees before)


It’s your reference. Your responsibility


People can send 1p to me with any reference they like… just saying :moneybag:


What part of this is concerning exactly?

No wonder chat takes ages to get to people that actually need it!


This is isn’t in relation to sending 1p. It’s what they send in the reference “What’s for tea?” Etc

Why would anyone care if you ask someone what’s for tea by ways of bank transfer? There’s no harm done with that. I think you’re making up scenarios in your head


Yes of course :roll_eyes:

Did you consider Googling this at any point?

You’ve conflated two things:

  • People sending each other cute/funny messages with creative 1p transactions when Facebook is down. Something that Monzo used to promote themselves by retweeting memes
  • Pillocks using stupid references when transferring each other (usually more sensible amounts of) money and potentially winding up with negative consequences. Something which Monzo never even mentioned.

The two issues were never even linked, except in your head. Nobody, as far as I am aware, endorsed or encouraged the latter behaviour; and in any case it’s your responsibility what references you use when you transfer money. Don’t give your account details to people you don’t trust. Your bank can’t be your mother. Great way to waste Monzo support time though




I agree, we should also ban roads to prevent car crashes.


Monzo should block RSPCA subscriptions because it might impact on people’s mortgage opportunities in the future.


You would think sending someone else’s bank a message including the words “drug money” would obviously be not the best idea, but some people are stupid, to be frank.

No bank can police what people write in the payment reference field of any transfer. This isn’t a problem for Monzo to fix.


What about my prescription :sob: :wink:

I think I had a few stupid ones when I made my mortgage application way back when in my immature youth days. I like to think it made a person smile but in reality I doubt they even noticed.

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You’d think, but I bet every mortgage underwriter ever just sits there combing through pages upon pages of bank statements looking for a silly reference to decline the application over. At least I think that’s why mortgage applications can take so long?