17, Jobs and Onboarding (fun!)

It’s been said before but as long as you are honest this should not be a problem. It’s not Jeremy Kyle, they just want to know there’s nothing that’s going to come back later like you’re an international money smuggler or something. Or in significant debt.

Go for the place that seems to be right for you, money isn’t everything.

Again, they can’t discriminate based on age, that would be illegal.

Basically relax, sounds like you are in a great position and have a positive future

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I had to put address history on both a screening platform & Experian. I’ve done Experian today and the AS yesterday. The months and days of living there in each place will be off.
In hindsight I should’ve taken screenshots.

The part that worries me, it clearly stated they’d ask questions if there’s any discrepancies and that it may delay start.

I pre-emptively sent an email explaining I was a child then, and do not have any records to look back at.

One is closer and allows WFH :slight_smile:

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Oh to be 17 again, starting my first job at Santander :eyes:

Not a care in the world. I hope everything goes well for you!! Like others have said, don’t worry youve got this far as long as there’s nothing bad, then there’s nothing to fear!

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Wait Tom?! You live close to me, is that what you did?! They are a potential contender.
Please DM me, maybe you can dispel some worries. But do not leak what I just sent lol

Were you at the regional office in Bradford, or in the Leeds branch on Briggate?

I started a new job last month and shortly after joining found a post on the company Slack about a hiring freeze and potentially rescinding new hire offers.

TBH it would have been annoying but I also would have happily taken the payment and backed myself to find something else.

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