17, Jobs and Onboarding (fun!)

So… first and second interviews later at various places and I’ve job offers…

Provided my reference, Proof of ID, address, national insurance, right to work (Birth Certificate) and bank statements. They run a DBS and CIFAS check which is presumably fine given banks before likely have on me. (CIFAS) and as for DBS I’ve no criminal background of any kind.

The only part that worries me, CAIS check, my understanding from Experian Business is that every financial institution that wants access feeds their info into a database to get everyone elses.

Would this part work given my age? Hopefully? I requested a statutory report and noticed it allows my DOB and has ‘Master’ on the title list, presumably there is something to glean…

Will I have lost out, or do you reckon it could well go through?

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I think it could go through easily, probably just checks for defaults and debt and if Experian report none you should be good to go.


Let’s hope so, I’ve been smashing those video interviews. If I do get it, might have to wean myself off the forum as it’s written into the contract you can’t discuss the client online.

I asked Experian Support, they’ve never heard of a CAIS check, lol… couldn’t believe it, despite it being on their website…

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Good luck with it all!

BTW I’m sure you can still speak about other things, just not make it obvious or explicit that you’re talking about them. Be good to hear how your journey is going!

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CAIS (pronounced ‘keys’) stands for Credit Account Information Sharing, and is the brand name given to Experian’s shared database of credit history.

Wouldn’t worry about it.

In terms of Master and Mr, that will be disregarded as Master is for those under a certain age.

Stop stressing, just be really honest on the forms because they will find everything out.


Somebody mentioned they’re sure I can say something. Right, Carlo - a solid chance you’ve been through the same process I am, is what I will say.

I’m not worried about them “finding out anything” I’ve provided everything I need to and don’t have any debts. I just don’t want that check to cost me the position because I’m not even sure I can clear a CAIS check given I’ve never taken any credit out

Well it ain’t no fintech. I had several assessments, exams and video interviews and then got offered the position last night upon clearing of onboarding checks. The CAIS is the only one I know might not clear out of every check and document I’ve to send and that fills me with anxieties.

They currently have
Birth certificate and provisional
HMRC document re NI
Contacts re education and reference
Bank statement from my current account
And a signed on boarding form.

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It’s fairly standard for jobs with any ability for access to sensitive info etc. They’re just checking that you’re not £40k in debt when you’ve said you’re not etc. Or, as @Carlo1460 notes, you are being honest about what’s what, which sounds like you are.


I guess it’s to check I’m not running off with your savings interest. If only the baserate was high enough.

Do you know if it works with 17 year olds? The only thing I’m worried about was a period in my childhood where I moved around a bit, but was still having all my banking stuff delivered to the address I am at now, and was at in 2007, my school etc nor banks were never updated. I should probably tell him there could be a couple.

P.s: I’ll be back soon, got another interview imminently, waiting for the phone to go… Then got to hop on Teams later on. and it is not FD, they didn’t want me, decided within minutes during the night oddly. Never been denied so quickly…

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Just re honest. I have filled out the onboarding stuff I got today, given the following:

Provisional driving license, long/full birth certificate, proof of exam results, proof of address via bank statements, national insurance etc, a reference PDF and the 3 referees email, 1 being employment, the other 2 education.

I have emailed my 3 referees and all have replied saying they’re happy with it and congratulations.

They asked for 6 years of address history @Carlo1460 and this is where I stress, in my other thread, mentioned wanting friction with spending (absolutely shite circumstances and resulting psychological issues), I have lived in several places, more than several. Every address is listed with the correct years, but it wanted exact dates. I provided the form POA (proof of address) for the recent ones.

Edit: As a younger minor, my address wasn’t updated at the correct intervals by anyone, with NHS etc

DBS should be fine, Google says they pay a firm to type your name into the PNC, which will turn up nothing. CIFAS is all good, I have bank account(s) and opened an ISA recently. CAIS, we have established is likely okay… - should I stop worrying? Surely, better to have little credit history, than 40K of debt to @N26throwaway.

Glassdoor seems to think the lead time is up to 14 days for all this. My start date is in 30. Can I breathe
a sigh of relief? Do I need to keep attending the interviews I have with other places?


P.s. I put my 90s playlist on, Suede is great. Though I’m thinking I’ll default to 60s soon.
Oooh, Soul Train is good but not the same era.


Yep! :joy:

Look, no job offer is really concrete until you actually start work. Though unlikely, there is always a chance that it somehow falls through. So, for that reason, you might want to continue with your other interviews. It will also improve your interview experience and you may discover a company you like more and/or who will pay you more.

But, unless you’ve got some real skeletons in the closet, your pre employment checks are usually a formality. Reference checks are largely a tick box exercise (e.g. have you been sacked previously? Have you received any formal warnings for misconduct? etc) and the address history and ID checks are just to make sure that you’re entitled to work in this country and that you’re paying your taxes. It’s very unusual for candidates to be successful in the selection process and then have their employment blocked by the HR department.

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I promise I haven’t held Tom Blomfield up at gunpoint to give us different card designs way back when.

Are they allowed to get rid of me due to my DOB? At the interview, they didn’t ask. In fact, nowhere has asked yet, a lady did comment on how she has a Yorkshire accent and I must not be from there (totally am).

(Just re. age, in many facets of life, I get away with not saying, however not applicable here obvs)

I’m worried mainly about the Experian check, supposedly I’ve a link to press and put my details in.

The place I applied to is discussed on here (in regard to pulling the rug - they’re massive), it would cost me only £50 a month to travel there & is pretty near, close to Spoons, etc. etc.

Failing all this, Greenfield, Bank of Nano coming soon :slight_smile:

No. Age is a protected Characteristic.

Listen, don’t stress - as long as you have been honest about the good, the bad and the ugly you (should) be fine.

It’s less about what you’ve done and more about what you’ve not told them/lied about. It sounds like you’ve been honest and that’s all you can be.

also you’re only 17, I wish I was that screwed on at your age. You’re doing great. I was all about trying to get my end away and passing out drunk In people hedges.


Also I got you and @N26throwaway confused for a sec. Both sirs, both gold Avatars :joy:


We are the Monzo Community kings.

I will try stop stressing lol…

Confused me for a minute too! :joy:


Hello, you. :wave:

P.s @N26throwaway any thoughts on the above?

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Just been catching up. Don’t think I’ve got anything to add beyond what others have already said in afraid.

You need to find a way to just take your mind off it whilst you wait!


Ok ok, so I just did the CAIS check… Experian didn’t throw up any errors so hopefully we’re in business.

I am worried about the 6 year of address history, they were both rough estimates and I just hope they aren’t arsey about a little difference. (I was a child right)

I also have an interview at their direct competitor on a permanent basis, paid more money & I spoke to them re. age and they essentially said the credit history lacking is reasonable.

Lowkey want that one now… but either is good!

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