12 things to say to your friends to convince them to get Monzo

What do you say to try and convince people to sign up to Monzo?



Nice write-up :tada: I’ll definitely give some of these a go! But I’ve got a couple of Monzo holdouts in my life, I don’t think that even this (very comprehensive list) will solve that issue :yum:

I can’t even share why they’re not joining :frowning: One’s just too lazy and not bothered, the other seems a bit too keen to hold onto a Nationwide account because of CA, Savings, Mortgage, etc. :roll_eyes:

The lazy person I mentioned, they haven’t even CASS’d to Natwest for a free £150 :joy: It honestly couldn’t be easier but even £150 hasn’t worked (not that I’m pushing them to Natwest, I’m very much focused on Monzo :wink:)


I’m always pushing Monzo on my friends but a lot of them are stuck in the ways and won’t even consider changing. Their loss I guess. I have sent them this article so hopefully it may go a small way to making them re-consider. I mean really, what’s the worst that can happen??

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Most people I know just don’t have an issue with their current bank, frankly. They put money in and spend on their card and that’s about all they do or need :man_shrugging:t2:


Uh oh… This is a comment from when this article was posted on Facebook.


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I have a few transgender friends, among other friends interested in Monzo, and they struggle massively with high street banks not accepting deed polls etc…

So I always give Monzo a shout-out and tell them the following parts of Monzo that I think they’ll need:
A bank that listens, cares and doesn’t assume you are a terrorist (as actually happened to one of my parents changing their name after marriage and having their deedpoll ripped up in front of them)

All of the people I’ve referred have found their experience a million times better than any other and probably would refer others to Monzo too!


I’ve all but convinced the guy I sit next to at work, he loves the idea of it… but he does t have a mobile phone so that scuppered it.

Pretty much this. If my current bank did instant transactions… I wouldn’t switch.


Same. I like Monzo but it does look like the Lloyds app which I came from is catching up and adding many of the features.

Indeed, I think monzo needs to stay ahead of the curve in features as all the old high Street banks are paying attention and following suit, as they recognise they need to be catering to the kids of today.

I guess there is a limit to to the number of fancy wee tricks that can be applied to banking.

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IMO It’s not just about having an issue with your current bank, it’s also about all possibilities they’re potentially missing out on e.g. the eventual market place, integration of flux (digital receipts), auto updating card details on providers like Spotify and Netflix, instant notifications, not having to tell your bank when travelling abroad, inter-bank exchange rate etc etc.

Monzo has shown a bank can be a lot more than just a bank account :sunglasses::muscle:.

Well I agree or I wouldn’t be here since Mondo.

But to most people they don’t move until they have a issue. That’s what this thread is about: people don’t change banks because every few years when they get a new card they have to manually update Netflix. They just don’t care enough.

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