11:FS - Incomprehensible (?) Press release

Now I’m generally a fan of 11:FS* but I find this news baffling:

I’ve read this a few times and I have absolutely no idea what it means. Has 11:FS been acquired by Google? Using more of its tech? I really don’t understand what the press release is trying to tell me.

If anyone knows - or if there’s anyone from 11:FS lurking - do share!

*Terms and conditions apply. We might need to talk about crypto.

I think it’s just they’ve moved to Google’s cloud

But they say:

Sure, 11:FS Foundry is already hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). But let’s look at why we wanted to partner more deeply.

Emphasis mine. I just don’t know what partner more deeply means. And I don’t think it really explains it.

They’ve passed some google tests to use their logo


I have a friend who works for these, so I know a bit about what this means, because we do chat about his job!

In simplest terms, think of it as going from shared web hosting to managed hosting.
Edit: apparently not the best analogy! It’s more similar to Cisco’s CCNA program. It’s google endorsed training to help you get the most out of their cloud platform, I’m told.

Essentially all they’ve done is join the Google cloud partner program.


Meh. Not worthy of a press release - which still doesn’t make sense. And it makes me think quite a bit less of them, tbh.

(But then again, I suppose they don’t really care, given I’m unlikely to be their target market).


Yeah, it’s much ado about nothing for the likes of you and I. This stuff probably matters to their clients though.

I really doubt it. It’s a puff-piece designed to get 11 and Google some coverage - without any substance behind it.

You could probably say the same about my field too though. But when it comes to it, are you gonna choose the network engineer who is CCNA certified, or the one who isn’t, when you hire them for your networking needs?

The same methodology applies, I think, to these programs too. Now I’m not familiar with Google’s cloud platform, we don’t use it, but comparing to AWS, it’s preferable to be working with someone who is AWS certified than someone who is not. Because again, who are you going to choose to work with where AWS is involved? Someone who is certified, or someone who is not!

My understanding here, is this is the same sort of gist when it comes to Google cloud.

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If people want a google partner this will pop up


I think this is a different argument. Yes, if I want a network engineer then (everything else being equal) I’ll prefer the one with certifications. But I’ll check that as part of the hiring process.

This press release is, I maintain, illegible.

I think I’ve had quite enough internet for a lifetime. :pensive:


When the next world war is fought it will be between cloud providers. Their dedicated band of fighters will gladly lay down their lives for google/aws/azure

If you don’t believe me then try some of their online training. Governments could learn from their brainwashing techniques


Does it make the fintech scene look tame?

(If yes, I’m disconnecting and prepping)


You should keep your stuff in a container. Containers can be easily managed in azure…


You are right it’s a touch confusing. But yes I guess the press release is more for their existing or potential customers as a kind of primer.

‘Partnered’ is possibly the google term?

They talk about on the podcast this week, around 42:02, not that I’ve listened yet