0% Cards or BNPL with Apple Pay provisioning?

So here I am, with an unexpected expense of between £500–£1000 in the coming days. I could easily cover this from my emergency fund (that’s what it is for, right?) but I’d much rather spread it on a 0% plan of I can. It will be a card payment in the next few days – so I don’t think I would have enough time to receive a credit card in the post. But are there any credit card providers (or any BNPL services) that offer 0% financing and can add the card to Apple Pay?

Have you had a Monzo flex invitation yet?

Actually that won’t work yet because the virtual card for that isn’t out. Ignore me

I was thinking that too, but I haven’t even signed up for Flex yet so I don’t think I’d get it before the general rollout… annoying!

Depending on what you’re paying for, it might be worth seeing if the merchant you’re paying has any 0% offers through their own checkout process.

I’m not sure you’ll be able to get a card in time, and Apple Pay rules out PayPal Credit.

What about Klarna? :eyes: I know they have card provisioning built in to allow you to spend on sites that don’t have built in checkout option.

You could apply for Tymit 0% interest for 3 months. Until the card arrives do you have another credit card you could use? Then when the Tymit card arrives you can pay off your other credit card using Tymit?

Not sure if that would work? By the time your Tymit card arrives you wouldn’t have occurred any interest on your other card.

Can you pay off a credit card with a credit card? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Ok ignore that idea. I thought you could but no you can’t. Sorry.

Oh, didn’t know they let you do that! It could be an option. I’ll download the app and will have a look :eyes:

You could cover it from your emergency fund initially and then flex it.

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That would put my Bonds out of commission for two months – I might try to Klarna it. Is there a credit limit I get when I sign up/request a card, or will I have to try and pay then see if I’m accepted/declined on the spot?

Ah makes sense, I’m always reluctant to move money from my bonds too :slight_smile:

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The drawback of having an emergency fund in Bonds :laughing: I’ll try to Klarna it and hope it works

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I’ve been looking into this but it seems it’s only in the US after all? Have you used it in the UK?

No credit cards that you can add to ApplePay before it arrives?

That’s what I’m unsure about and was hoping to see if anyone has any experience

How about applying for PayPal Credit and using that?

You can’t send PayPal credit to yourself. However you can send it to a friend or family member who can then transfer it back to your normal account and then you withdraw.

I’ve just been reading on this and apparently you can do this but there is a small charge to the person that sends the money back to you.

If you can get accepted for a Tymit credit card, they issue a virtual card almost straight away which you can use until your physical card arrives.
Or at least they did when I signed up.

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I can’t remember when I applied for mine if the virtual card was activated straight away or not.

I’ve just thought of a downside of applying for Tymit. Yes it will help however you have to wait about week for them to manually approve your application.

I’m sure my application was quicker than that.
Although like you, it was a fair while ago so I could be wrong.

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