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Scheduled pot withdrawals occur *after* scheduled payments, causing scheduled payments to fail ( 2 3 4 ) (68)
Your year in Monzo frozen overlay (4)
Incorrect description in Apple Pay setup article (1)
Round Up keeps turning off when a pot is edited ( 2 3 ) (56)
Add note from Android Notification - puts against wrong payment (6)
It is possible to suggest an empty Twitter handle as merchant logo (2)
Spent Today showing £0 (11)
Minor UI - pasting sortcode (2)
Transferring to a pot - comma becomes full stop (1)
'Pay Someone On Monzo' broken (4)
Bug in Shared Tab - Custom Bills (1)
Monthly summary values overlapping (1)
[iOS] Different names for Monzo contacts in RECENT and PAY CONTACTS ON MONZO sections in Payments tab (3)
[iOS] App crashes when scrolling up on Monzo chat history (1)
Disable overdraft flow bug (3)
Marcus Bank logo missing (4)
Bug in feed (7)
Transaction description does not update when edited (4)
Listing all transactions for merchant is done by name (12)
Inconsistent tab behaviour (3)
Days remaining not visible when on the left of summary (6)
Search by name shows same name repeatedly (5)
Member Since is Wrong (10)
Number typing delay (2)
Daily App Logout (iOS) (17)
Buttons on payments screen become misaligned (1)
In transfer balance, no negative sign (2) transactions from same person (1)
IFTTT petrol pot error (3)
Letter spacing on tabs menu changes (3)